Do you have old or damaged photos, negatives or slides that you want to restore and preserve? If so, you need a professional photo restoration service that can bring your precious memories back to life. 
My restoration and colorisation work has appeared in documentary films on the Discovery network and the CBC. As The Photo Mender, I offer high-quality photo restoration at affordable prices. I can fix old photos that have scratches, stains, tears, fading, or color loss. I can also colorize black and white photos, enhance details, remove unwanted objects and scan negatives and slides
Whether you want to restore old family photos, vintage portraits, historical images, or any other type of photo, I can help you. Contact me today or get a free quote for your photo restoration project. You may also email me at or visit me  on Twitter,  Facebook,  Instagram or Pinterest
Check out this video, produced by a local television station, which
provides more detail on my photo restoration and colorization work.
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